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Violin in a dark setting

Violinism is a word I invented*

It's kind of a philosophy, allthough I might not be of the most philosophical type. It's certainly not a religion, allthough there might be some elements of buddhism in it.

Basically, I'm a doer. And over the years, I have learned to be more pragmatic rather than idealistic. Get things done! If you're facing a challenge, figure out how to overcome it rather than grumbling over it. But this doesn't mean I don't have a set of values and a moral compass to guide me. Which I think all humans have. So, regarding the philosophical aspect, you could say it is inspired by Buddhism and Humanism.


Music and dance are fundamental. They are universal languages which can express most of the things we cannot say with words. Even a deaf person can respond to "good vibes" and enjoy musical movement. And a blind person can get beautiful inner pictures in her mind from listening to music.


Technology belongs to the pragmatic part of me. Technology has solved a lot of the challenges we humans have faced in our struggle for a good life here on this planet. And it will continue to do so. But, technology has also created some new challenges. Our strive for comfortable households and quick transportation has turned out to have a very unpleasant side-effect. We are facing a global warming catastrophe that threatens to destroy the very basis of life as we know it: our planet earth. Hence, development and use of technology must always be subject to thorough and fact-based debate in our society.


How and why do you combine the two? It's the spirit. The inner drive to explore and create. You could say it's a way of life - life in the material world and in the spiritual world.


*Others have invented it too:-) But I did not know then...

It's impossible to explain creativity. It's like asking a bird, 'How do you fly?' You just do.

Eric Jerome Dickey


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