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Stradivarius violin


25 years experience as a classical musician

Home Studio

Composing & Arranging

Fusing musicianship and creativity

Home studio with keyboard, iMac and monitors

Music Production

Combining musical experience with technical knowledge

Desktop with drawing tools and an iMac

Web Design

Design of websites for companies, organisations and individuals

Software Development

More than 25 years experience as a computer programmer

Desktop with drawing tools and an iMac

Graphic Design

Design of logos, branding graphics, posters and websites.


And there's more to violinism! Check out some of my other interests...

Listen to My Music

All my published music is on SoundCloud. Click to hear my latest tracks!


Impressions from travels and projects

Pouring red wine into a glass


Notes from the cellar

Let's be creative!

Feel free to contact me if you have an exciting project and want me to participate