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Composing & Arranging

The interest in creating my own music first started with my father teaching me the chord system of jazz. Experimenting with harmonies quickly led to progressions and improvising melodies over them.

During my violin studies, I also got interested in the classical composers and techniques: harmony, inventing themes and developing them, counterpoint and structural form. Studying scores, listening to and playing the music of the great masters is an endless source of inspiration and pleasure.

Scoring Tools

The skills of the great masters in writing scores by hand is almost impossible for us to understand. Mozart could compose and write the score of a symphony movement in a few days with just pen and paper.

Today, computers, software and printers makes the tedious job of writing scores (almost) a breeze. You can listen to your music while writing it, and more important than experimenting with the composition itself is the ability to easily identify mistakes and eliminating wrong notes. Writing parts and transposing is also a job that is made a whole lot easier and less error prone with scoring software.

Electronic Composing

Computers has also introduced a whole new way of creating music. They have also made producing and publishing/releasing your music very accessible. Anyone with a keen interest, creative ideas and means of buying a computer and some basic studio equipment can basically compose, produce and publish their music on the internet without the support of artistic managers, music distributors et al. 

It's impossible to explain creativity. It's like asking a bird, 'How do you fly?' You just do.

Eric Jerome Dickey


Bendik Engebretsen
Salbufaret 15
3280 Tjodalyng

Mobile: +47 91602128

Let's be creative!

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